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Archetypal therapy is the ideal follow-up to an astrological reading. A reading typically reveals the life purpose, soul theme, past life talents that can be revived, and issues or trauma that is stuck in the client's physical, astral or causal body. It is assumed that you have no prior experience with archetypes or archetypal imagery processing.

Archetypal therapy is an interactive visualization process where the therapist guides the client in entering his subconscious terrain and encountering the 22 primary aspects of the psyche (such as the aspect of focus, process, growth, order, listening, harmony, the feminine, strength, service, progress, balance, surrender, regeneration, etc.) plus their 22 polarities for the purposes of making repressed energies conscious and bringing them into balance (integration) with the client's goals and desires.  It is also called The Inner Guide Initiation.

Mythology meets Psychology

In an archetypal session, Stephanie Jourdan or Diane Griggs-Ross can guide you through specific imagery that enables you to enter your psyche and speak to your animal guide, spirit guide, and the energies of the planets and asteroids that are alive inside of you ... as above so below. It is a very powerful, transformational tool that is best suited to those individuals who already have some awareness of their issues.

An archetypal session can be done in person or by phone. If by telephone, you will need to use the speaker-phone feature on your phone so that your hands can rest in your lap and you can listen with your eyes closed. Stephanie will guide you to meet your archetypes ... the primal energies of the psyche that are akin to the planets and asteroids in your astrological chart ... and confirm your responses through your chart. The immediate feedback will help you become accustomed to trusting your inner voices.

Archetypal sessions are typically 45 minutes to an hour in length. Stephanie's fee is $270 for 45 minutes or $360 for 60 minutes. Diane's fee is $180 for 45 minutes and $240 for 60 minutes. Archetypal work gives you a voice to address the inner workings of your subconscious mind without having to enter a formal trance state. It is always enlightening and often life-changing.

Stephanie Jourdan personally trained with the late Edwin Steinbrecher. Archetypal Therapy is the same as Inner Guide Meditation and initiation.











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