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Astrological readings typically include natal, progressed, solar arc, and transits, as well as synastry (relationship) and astrocartography (location). 
 An astrological reading requires your date of birth, time of birth, and your place of birth. A transit and/or progressed chart reading (what's going on now) requires your current place of residence.

Astrocartography can be calculated to determine the best place to live, find love, retire, activate psychic abilities, find friends, make money, etc. Astrocartography can be analyzed either internationally or nationally according to desired length of session, or reports can be generated on specific cities ($25 per city). 

Astrological readings can be of any length in fifteen minute increments. Most hour readings cover the natal chart, solar return, solar arc, solar progression, transits and astrocartography.

The fee for astrological readings and hypnotherapy sessions is $360 per hour for Stephanie Jourdan, $240 per hour for Diane Griggs-Ross and $90 per hour for  Shanti Jourdan. Additional time is pro-rated per five-minute increment. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted. Stephanie, Diane and Shanti can record your session for you, but the outcome and arrival of the CD is not guaranteed. We encourage you to record the reading on your end.

Once your chart has been discussed with you, you can take further advantage of the information by scheduling an archetypal therapy session. Both Stephanie and Diane are certified archetypal therapists. During this session, Stephanie or Diane conduct guided imagery with you, either in person or by phone, that enables you to have conversations with your planets and get them all in agreement with your agendas.

The ascendant moves a degree every four minutes. An accurate reading requires an accurate birth time. If you do not have your birth certificate or if your birth certificate does not reflect your birth time, you will need to obtain your birth certificate from your state's office of vital records, which is often part of the department of health services. Often a state issues a consumer copy of a birth certificate that does not include the time of birth. In such an instance, you will need to obtain a hospital copy of your birth certificate. Start by going on-line to Google. Enter "birth certificate application" in the search bar. Once the results appear, look for the website that is a governmental site. The one for California is There are many opportunistic businesses that will promise to get you your birth certificate faster by paying them, but all of them will process your application in the same way were you to do it yourself. On your state's site, there will be a link for an application for a certified copy of birth record. Print out a copy and fill out everything except the part that needs to be signed by you in front of a notary. There is typically three pages to print out. One for the instructions. A second that is the application. And a third that is the sworn statement that is required since 9/11. Fill out the sworn statement. Take all of your paperwork to your local UPS store and pay (around $10) to have them notarize your sworn statement. Send your paperwork in along with your check for the state's fee to search and send your birth certificate (around $15).

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