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Pain exists as a signaling function. It is the most intelligently engineered communication system imaginable, and is capable of generating a signal quicker than language, sound waves, or the speed of light.

Science has discovered what metaphysicians have professed through the ages: human beings are composed of ever-renewing energy; not stagnant, solid matter. Our bodies respond and evolve to an enormous set of triggers ... responses ranging from a spectrum of fight or flight to outright mutation of the species. It is within this amazing adaptability and inherent seeking to evolve that our bodies so willingly accept and offer new means of communication for healing. 

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Pain is a good attention-getter. It is an excellent way for our body to get its needs met by our conscious mind and ego. And in the same way that our body, mind, and soul are one, the needs are also all-inclusive. Rarely, even in the case of an accident, is the onset of pain simply a physical communication. In hypnotherapy, we can be regressed to the original cause behind the feelings and judgments that have arisen as a result of the physical malady only to discover that even an accident has an emotional history complete with beliefs, behavioral decisions, and imposed judgments on the self.

Age regression and past life research have revealed that repressed trauma stores energetically and crystallizes in the DNA upon conception. Throughout our lifetime, various reminders surface as souls from the past crop up in new relationships or situations arise that evoke similar feelings ... all seeking to be made conscious.

When we don't have the tools to cope with these traumatic memories or to understand the experiences from our childhood, our body-mind stores the information for future processing in dreams or psychic awareness. These stored memories are stirred from time-to-time in the form of feelings, which is the language of the psyche. However, if we judge the feelings as too threatening and push them back down again in denial, the memories, along with the accompanying judgments, energetically anchor in our flesh.

Most often, the trauma stores in the form of a symbolic pattern. It is not uncommon for a child that has been beaten with a switch to have stored the trauma in a stick-like shape. The adult will talk about the pain as being in that shape. 

Stored traumatic energy interferes with our natural flow of energy along energetic meridians of the body. The meridians carry energetic messages to and from their correlative organs or bodily systems. As traumatic energy accumulates and begins to block communication with the surrounding tissue or with the meridian for that organ, our body signals to the collective organism, us, that the area is no longer able to contain the sublimated memory. The body needs our ego to enable our mind to listen to the feelings of our psyche and process the stored memory.

If our ego continues to fear the message contained in the repressed feelings, our body talks with more intensity, i.e., more pain. And, when the message is ignored or denied, disease manifests or an accident occurs at the energetic blockage.

Pain dialogue can be employed at any point in the traumatic storage process. Hypnotherapy lets us address long-standing chronic pain that has resulted from either onset of a disease or an accident, as well as more subtle, less demanding pain, such as a mild headache or occasional muscle ache.

Pain stores symbolically, literally, and where the pertinent archetypes reside in the body. Archetypes are the primal energies that enact all life forms ... energies such as birth, death, growth, change, action, reception, spontaneity, attraction, polarization, contraction, organization, strength, vulnerability, etc.

When we dialog with pain, we are making one or more of these repressed primal energies conscious. If we have chosen to deny death, which occurs within us at every moment as cells expire, than that archetype, Death, becomes repressed and unable to function healthfully. The mind that does not accept death cannot assist the body in recognizing what needs to die and be renewed. The over-attachment to life can lead to over-growths or over-accumulation. Over-growths, such as tumors, or over-accumulations, such as fat.

Talking to the repressed archetypal energies is usually accomplished by first becoming aware of a symbolic image associated with the part of the body that is in pain or a persona that seems to live there. For instance, using the above example of over-attachment, the hypnotized overweight client became aware of an image of the Grim Reaper living in her enlarged abdomen. She was then guided to telepath with the Grim Reaper and find out what it needed to be in balance with her. As the client complied with the needs of her archetype, she came into balance and the energy block cleared.

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