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About Stephanie

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Stephanie's private practice in Woodland Hills encompasses astrology, archetypal therapy and tarot. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

She is listed in Who's Who in America for her contributions in hypnotherapy pertaining to immune disorders.

Questions following a reading or in-between readings are answered by Stephanie via Sheri Buron. You can call Sheri at 818-340-4099 and explain what you need to know. She will meet with Stephanie in between readings that week and write down answers while Stephanie looks at your chart. Then, Sheri can either return your call with the answers or email them to you.


Diane Griggs and Shanti Jourdan studied under Stephanie for many years

Diane is a licensed therapist, astrologer, archetypal therapist, tarot reader and past life regressionist.

Shanti is an astrologer.



How can a tarot reading be any anything more than a parlor game?  Read more ...



Belly dance opens up chakras. If you have wanted to learn, but felt too self-conscious, you'll love Shanti Jourdan's private classes.

Belly Dancing

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